AFFA penalizes 7 more persons for rigged matches

5 January, 11:24

A meeting of AFFA’s Disciplinary Committee has been held, website reports.

Some suspicious points recorded during several matches involving “Neftchi-2”, MOIK and “Bine” football clubs competing in the First division were discussed at the meeting.

According to the results of the investigation conducted by special commission and experts specialized in the rigged matches and functioning under AFFA, as well as the information provided by UEFA to AFFA, it was detected that the mentioned footballers of the clubs and other football officials including the persons not engaged in any activity in the area of football had participated in preliminary manipulation over results of the football matches. Taking into consideration the opinions of the commission and experts, and information and reports provided by UEFA, all kinds of activities related to football of all the mentioned persons shall be prohibited.

“Garadagh Lokbatan” (I Division)
1. Mammadrzayev Tural – footballer

MOIK (I Division)
1. Hasanov Orkhan – footballer
2. Aghakarimzade Yamin – footballer
3. Yagubzade Raul – footballer

“Forza Neftchi” (Futsal, I League)
1. Mammadov Elmir – trainer

Keshla FK
1. Babayev Mehman  – trainer
2. Safarov Asaf – club official

Note that last groups of persons, subjected to sanction, have been mentioned in the list.