Seminar “All about growing roses indoors” was held in Baku

16 May, 16:29

Today, the Dutch companies De Ruiter Innovations B.V., Hortilux Schreder B.V., Koppert, Priva, Ludvig Svensson, Van der Knaap, Yara are holding the first international seminar “How to grow high-quality roses indoors” for rose-growers of the regional countries, including Azerbaijan. These Dutch companies share their knowledge, the latest developments and directions for growing roses in modern greenhouse facilities, and also hear the problems and challenges of the companies in the region in regard to modern rose-growing process.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands H.E. Ms. Pauline Eizema welcomed the companies and mentioned that “the Netherlands has cultivated its agricultural knowledge for centuries, which has enabled the Netherlands to intensify farming sustainably and grow high-quality products. Azerbaijan’s agricultural sector is rapidly developing, that is why we are here to support the country in the further sustainable development of the sector. Dutch companies have been actively working in Azerbaijan for many years, sharing knowledge and experience with the government and local businesses.”

Besides, the Ambassador stressed that most of the organizer companies of the seminar were participants of the Netherlands Pavilion on Caspian Agro International Agriculture and Food Exhibition this year and invited all seminar participants to visit the Netherlands Pavilion in the Exhibition on May 17-19.

Arjen Vlasman, Production and Sales Manager for East Europe of De Ruiter Innovations B.V. said that “this seminar is a great opportunity for not only sharing the experiences in rose-growing in different countries, but also for establishment of business relationships among regional companies. He mentioned his belief that this seminar will lay a basis for future joint relations between suppliers and manufacturers in this area.”

The seminar continued with presentation of Dutch companies on different aspects of rose-growing and followed up with the visit to Azerbaijan Flowers rose greenhouse on the next day.