Marukyan: That Armenia no longer exists


VOİCEPRESS reports that these words were shared by the chairman of the Bright Armenia Party Edmond Marukyan on his Facebook page.

“The country where Pashkina was prime minister, including Karabakh, was 42,000 square kilometres. This Armenia no longer exists thanks to Pashkina’s policy and his signature. The Armenian people cannot stand defeat. The defeated leader must go, “he said.

It should be noted that there can be no shameless statement to say that Armenia, together with Karabakh, has 42,000 square kilometres. After the surrender of Yerevan to the Armenians in 1918, Armenia, which was 9,000 sq / km, rose to 29,000 sq / km at the expense of Azerbaijani lands under the pressure of the Soviet government, and now they are counting the occupied territories as their own.