4 pro-Armenian congressmen`s unlawful appeal


VOICEPRESS reports citing Armenian media that In a letter to Secretary of State Pompeo, the Armenian Caucus leaders noted in the letter:

“The United States cannot allow the situation in Nagorno Karabakh to be solely dictated and dominated by Turkey and Russia,” and urged the placement of international peacekeepers to monitor the ceasefire. The Congressional letter also advocated for Artsakh’s role in the ongoing peace process and international recognition of Artsakh’s right to self-determination. “Without this recognition, they [Artsakh Armenians] will continue to face the threat of displacement by Azeri and Turkish forces without any option for formal redress,” noted the Armenian Caucus leaders.

The Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs also urged the State Department to “reassess” U.S. policy on Turkey, noting: “We must learn from the failures of our appeasement policy toward Turkey and use every available diplomatic tool to penalize these bad actors for their aggressions and abhorrent human rights abuses.” Regarding Azerbaijan, Congressional Armenian Caucus leaders admonished the Administration for its inaction in the face of growing threats and armament build-up by Azerbaijan.”