General Coordinator: “SAM PATIENT SERVICES, a Turkey-based medical tourism agency that provides the application of the most advanced medical centers”

SAM PATIENT SERVICES has a talented, creative and passionate team for many years in the health sector.
In the large interest of people across the region, and to provide accurate information about the SAM health care facilities, “VOICEPRESS” Azerbijan interviewed Ms.Gamze Bisher, the general coordinator of the SAM Patient Services.

Here are the contents of the Interview:

Q: – To get the proper and best treatment for their health issues, a lot of patients visit Turkey from every corner of the globe. Unfortunately, there are repeated complaints that those patients do not get proper treatment in line with their expectations. Either patient turns to the wrong doctor, or receive the wrong treatment. And that is why they lose not only their health but also money. To address such complaints and to protect the interests of foreign patients, teamwork and compact work are needed. This is the main factor in health tourism. As you know, “SAM PATIENT SERVICES” has already achieved great success in this sector. We would like to know your opinion on this issue, please.

Ms. Gamze Bisher: Thank you very much for the question. You know that SAM PATIENT SERVICES” is a well-reputed organization in Turkey. We have most professional, experienced and dedicated doctors and paramedics, therefore we claimed that We are the best in the health tourism industry. We have state of the art health centers across the country, So We guarantee the patients about our treatment services and health care facilities. We aim to provide quality services not only to country fellows but we are also committed to providing the same quality health services to the foreigners, who visit Turkey to cure their health issues. With our most highly trained professional team, we always try to fulfill the expectations of foreign health tourists and It does matter for us.

Q: – Please briefly tell us about the system that how your team starts working when it receives a health issue from any foreigner.

Ms. Gamze Bisher: When a patient contacts us with his complaints, our team immediate forward his case to the concerned specialist, after reviewing his case history, the specialist informs the SAM team about the entire treatment circle including expenditures. We also help foreign patients to book their rooms in the hotels. Our team is responsible to provide pick n drop facilities from the airport. Our consultant provides a special mobile fone so the patient can communicate with his physician without any delay.

Q: –When we talk about Turkey’s health tourism, most people talk only about clinical services. Is it true that SAM only provides clinical services?

Ms. Gamze Bisher: No, It is not like this as people think. When we talk about health tourism, we must understand that Health tourism, consists of two concepts, relaxation, and treatment. – This is a very wide theme. First of all, our patients consult us for the surgical process on obesity, metabolic surgery (diabetic surgery), dental health (implant, dental surgery, dental aesthetics), aesthetic surgery, laser eye surgery, lens replacement. They also contact SAM for other medical services. Sometimes patients prefer natural therapy or simply to alternative treatment. Our main task is to show our patients’ Turkish hospitality and That is why we serve not only those who come for treatment but also we entertain those people who visit us to relax.

Q: Finally, tell us those three countries from which more people visit SAM to avail of facilities.? 

Ms.Gamze Bisher: This also depends on the season. Anyhow, England, Ireland, and Germany are three top countries from which we have comparatively maximum health tourists. Maximum health tourists prefer to visit in the summer season to enjoy Turkish hospitality with cure and care.


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