Henry Van Rens: “I started writing a book about Karabakh when I managed to visit it”

14 April, 18:36

Voicepress.az, referring to the online information and analytical newspaper “Novayaepoxa.com”, presents an interview with Henry Van Rens- a teacher of Logistics Management from the Netherlands, the author of a book about Karabakh.

-Mr. Rens, please tell us, how did you get acquainted with our country?

Mr. Rens: I was invited by a university professor in 2008. I met him in Tehran (Iran) where I was for visits my friends. We, professor Fegan Aliyev and I started to talk about Azerbaijan, and he invited me to visit and participate a congress in 2009. After he did send me an invitation, I went to my travel agency and made all ready to get my ticket for Baku. Visa was no problem. I didn’t know almost nothing about Azerbaijan. For me it was something that I had to discover. I was used to travel a lot. And this for me unknown country had my interest.

-Do you often visit Azerbaijan ?

Mr. Rens: Since 2009, I did visit Azerbaijan almost every year. Except 2020. Corona year. Sometimes twice a year.

-What do you like most about our country?

Mr. Rens: I do like the friendly people. Special in the regions. Your always welcome. Talk with them if possible. My knowledge of the Azeri language is minimum. It’s wonderful to see the people how they want to please you. Food, tea, the friendliness. The nature is marvelous. Every region has his own beautiful character. From Khazmaṣ to Lankaran, and from Absheron to Tovuz.

-Please tell us a little about your book? What is it about? What or who inspired you to write it?

Mr. Rens: I started to write a book about the region Karabakh when I was able to travel too this region. I saw the villages, cities and settlements who were destroyed and thousands of people were murdered by the Armenian aggressors. This kind of brutally killing and butchered of people did hurt me. Then I decided to write a book. People in my country, the Netherlands, don’t know anything from Azerbaijan and what happened. I want to show them what was going on during the occupation and killings by Armenian so called “people”. It will come in three languages. Dutch, English and later in Azeri.

-Do you have any projects related to Azerbaijan?

Mr. Rens: Not in bookstyle right now, but I am working together with the Benelux Diaspora Committee. I am many times with. Demonstrate near the Peace Palace in the Hague. Eco terror from Armenia in Azerbaijani regions, The Vienna (Austria) rally on 26the of February to speech for Khojaly. Meetings with the Azerbaijani vriendschap in the Netherlands. I really like to be them.

Your wishes to our viewers

Mr. Rens: My wishes are: I like that viewers of this program think about a titel for my book. Must be a strong titel. I like to talk with IDP’s from the 1ste Karabakh war. From 1988-1994. I am searching for a young lady and young man who had to fled from their villages. The lady her name is Leyla Jahangirova. Born in the Tugh village in 1984. A detail is that her mother played a song from Demis Roussos named: Goodbye my love goodbye. Leyla lives probably in Baku now. And also I am looking for Imdad Alizade. Born in Oghuldere in 1980. He lost his shoes that he got from his father. When they had to escape from their area. I like to ad their story in my book. I don’t want make money for myself for selling this book. Every manat goes to the people who suffered from the wars. I will explain this later. Thank you and hopefully till soon. Best regards. Henri.