Abulfas Garayev: “Unfortunately, some experts who unaware of this issue in detail succumbed to the Armenia’s ballyhoo”


“Since the aggression of Armenia started, Azerbaijan has become their main target,” told Abulfas Garayev, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in an interview.

According to him, Armenians repeated it at the last meeting in Paris: “Their thought was that why they are not allowed to come to Baku. And we said that we have created equal conditions for all, this is an international event, come or not to come, it depends on you own. We have taken security commitments, and we shouldn’t allow anyone to lose a single hair from the head. Hundreds of issues are being discussed at any meeting we submit a document, and when Azerbaijan comes up, Armenians definitely make something. And it happened there, too. During the discussion of the file, it was briefed about the Azerbaijani khanates and surely Garabagh khanate should also be among these khanates. It’s our history. We do not fabricate anything ourselves, there are sources proving it.  However, the fact that the Garabagh khanate was included in the file surprised them and tried to politicize it and wanted to influence us through various channels. Unfortunately, some experts who unaware of this issue in detail succumbed to Armenia’s ballyhoo, though cautiously, they were express their protest. Justice was on our side, and the documents – the file was designed to meet world standards – nevertheless, I was still excited. However, all members of the committee voted for inclusion of Sheki and Palace of Khans to the World Heritage List. Thus, the Armenians’ attempt to politicize the issue did not bear fruit. I did not impact anyone for inclusion of Sheki. A discussion of all the files had been organized equally. Of course, the event held in Baku  made a good impression on the guests about Azerbaijan. The main point is that by entering this list we won. But on the other hand, it is a great responsibility. There are only 1121 places in the world like this. Therefore, if some requirements are not met there, serious problems will occur. I remember that once they wanted to remove Icheriheher from the World Heritage list. It did not happen as a result of Mr. President’s policy. It shows that Azerbaijani state and people are especially attentive to the places that belong to humanity. I believe that Sheki will also be such an example. But Sheki is a city, people live there.”