Armenians destroy Moscow talks: They are preparing…

11 October, 18:41

In fact, it was expected from the beginning that the Armenians did not intend to comply with the Moscow talks and the humanitarian ceasefire announced there. The goal and intention in the Moscow talks are completely different.

Therefore, from 12:00 on October 10, from the first moment the humanitarian ceasefire agreement came into force, they began to violate this fragile and amicable “ceasefire”.

What were the Armenians talking about during the Moscow meeting?

As the Moscow meeting continued, on October 9, Armenian political scientists and political party leaders unequivocally insisted that Armenia should not sit at the table in the current situation. “We must use all possible means to achieve a ceasefire and make military preparations,” it was openly announced.

Stressing that sitting at the table is a capitulation for Armenia, Armenian political scientists were even mobilized on the eve of the talks, calling for the seizure of certain strategic points. The goal was to become a stronger party in the negotiations than the “accepting party.”

“Humanitarian ceasefire” and arms trafficking

At around 4 am on October 10, after 11 hours of talks, a four-point humanitarian ceasefire was declared. It immediately became clear that the Armenian Foreign Minister had signed the statement, and when he returned to his country, he flew 300 Russian anti-tank Cornet missile systems to Yerevan on his plane.

Aide to the President Hikmet Hajiyev also officially announced that Atlantic Armenian Airlines was carrying missiles and missile systems on civilian aircraft under the guise of “humanitarian aid” to Armenia.

Nicole’s reaction to Baku’s demands

Azerbaijan has announced its terms for the talks, the first of which is Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

Earlier, the Armenian Prime Minister tried to use the rostrum of the Eurasian Economic Union meeting in Yerevan for propaganda against Azerbaijan. Pashinyan continued to speak at the meeting as an independent country from the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, showing how he actually approached Azerbaijan’s demands based on international law.

He even told Germany’s ZDF channel yesterday that recognizing the status of the NKR “could be a solution to this problem.”

Efforts of Karabakh separatists

From the moment the humanitarian ceasefire agreement came into force, it turned out that Araik Harutyunyan, the leader of the Karabakh separatist terrorists, was directly involved in the attempt to attack Hadrut.

Official information and videos have already been released on how the Azerbaijani Army responded to the attack, which also involved Armenian terrorists from the United States. The terrorists, who suffered heavy losses in the attack, were forced to retreat.

The attack was also attended by those who took part in the First Karabakh War and terrorists from abroad. In other words, it was an “most experienced”, “most professional” attack attempt …

In general, Harutyunyan’s attempts to use the “humanitarian ceasefire” are everywhere, and this is a traditional tactic of the Armenians. The Armenian plot to sign a ceasefire agreement in Iran on May 7, 1992, occupying Shusha on May 8 and Lachin on May 18 did not pass this time.

The issue of “NKR” status

The Armenian Prime Minister, who suffered a heavy defeat in front of our army and lost one military post after another, is trying to use the current situation to recognize the “status” of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Currently, the main topic of discussion of Armenian political scientists, politicians, government officials and Karabakh separatists is the “recognition of the status” of Nagorno-Karabakh. Araik Harutyunyan is trying to be more active in this matter as a “president”.

There were even appeals from Armenia to the French President with a request to recognize the “NKR”.

On the one hand, Armenia, which is begging for a ceasefire and working for lasting peace, is bombing civilians, carrying weapons by civilian planes and attacking one after another to re-occupy the liberated territories in Karabakh, trying to recognize the NKR. and thus seeks CSTO intervention in Karabakh.

At the same time, the Armenian diaspora has been incredibly active for two days: it has been holding rallies against the “aggression of Turkey and Azerbaijan” and collecting donations for the Armenian armed forces. We must not forget Kim Kardashian’s $ 1 million donation and call on Armenians around the world.

“Humanitarian aid” has been launched to Armenia from abroad, and there is a strong suspicion that this aid is a weapon.

The ceasefire ended before it began

The rocket attack that killed 9 people and wounded 34 in Ganja tonight is not only a war crime, but also a terrible fact about the purpose for which the Armenians want to use the “humanitarian ceasefire”.

Armenia does not intend to agree to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and to comply with UN resolutions. If Armenia had intended to collect bodies from the battlefield with a “humanitarian ceasefire”, it would not have fired civilian ballistic missiles from Armenia on the day the ceasefire came into force.

The fact is that Armenia does not recognize any international law, has never respected its signature, and has always pursued a policy of occupation that has not dried up the complexity of the agreement it signed.

It is Armenian: neither their words nor their signatures can be trusted.

And finally

Armenia has already broken the humanitarian ceasefire reached in Moscow by begging and licking its heels, crossed all borders and continued its war crimes.

Any ceasefire is no longer under discussion.

Azerbaijan’s position on the ceasefire is clear: no ceasefire can be discussed without a specific schedule, a timetable for the withdrawal of the occupying army from the territories of Azerbaijan, and the recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

President Ilham Aliyev also commented on the issue, noting that the ceasefire was being worked out for Armenia to recover and strengthen, saying that conditions would not be created for this, and said, “Do you consider us so naive?”

In other words, the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan is fully prepared for all provocations, all ceasefire games and Armenia’s latest offensive attempts, arms transfers, and the enemy is responding!