3 main reasons that escalate tensions – Turkish expert


Escalation of tension in the Idlib province of Syria will continue.

This was told to VOİCEPRESS by Dr. Eyup Ersoy, Middle East expert.

According to the expert, there are 3 main reasons for the tension continuation:

“The first reason is that there are only two regions outside Assad’s control. The Assad government has chosen the Idlib region as its primary target. The Idlib region includes Aleppo-Sham and Aleppo-Latakia. Therefore, this region is very important for the Assad regime. Assad’s leadership will continue its military operations against the region.”

According to Eyup Ersoy, the second reason is that Turkey considers the Idlib region very important for its national security:

“For this reason, Turkey does not want Assad’s forces to take Idlib over. This factor has intensified military operations in the region over the past three days. The withdrawal of Turkey from this region will be considered as a defeat in the military struggle. However, many people living in the area are likely to come to Turkey as refugees. All these factors lead to the continuation of Turkey’s military presence in Idlib.”

According to the political scientist, the third reason for the tension in the Idlib region is the Russian factor:

“The third factor is the importance of continuing tension in Russia in the Idlib region. As tensions continue in the Idlib region, Russia’s opportunities for “bargaining” with both the Assad administration and Turkey are growing. Russia has an interest in continuing tensions in the Idlib region.

Thus, the strategic goals of the three main forces in the Idlib region are exactly the opposite. Therefore, the tense environment in the region will continue.”

According to the expert, the main factor that will lead reduce or increase of the tension is the meeting of Russian and Turkish leaders on March 5.