Merkel fires minister over far right row


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has dismissed a minister for praising the election of a liberal candidate who was supported by the far right.

VOICEPRESS informs citing foreign media.

The candidate, Thomas Kemmerich, won an election in the state of Thuringia with the backing of the far-right AfD party.

Christian Hirte, who belongs to Mrs Merkel’s CDU party, tweeted his congratulations afterwards.

Mr Kemmerich’s victory with AfD support was seen as a political earthquake. Mrs Merkel said it was “unforgiveable”.

Wednesday’s election broke a taboo in German politics that mainstream parties do not work with the far right, and led to outrage among Ms Merkel’s centre-left coalition partners in the national government, the Social Democrats (SPD).

As the vote sent shockwaves through Germany, Mr Hirte tweeted to FDP politician Mr Kemmerich: “Your election as a candidate of the middle shows once again that the Thuringian [left-wing] red-green alliance has been voted out for good.”