Bahçeli: Armenians committed genocide in Khojaly and perpetrators not punished yet


“On the night of February 25-26, 1992, Armenian armed forces attacked Khojaly city with 366th Motor Rifle Regiment of the Soviet Army”.

Report informs, Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party, Devlet Bahçeli said at the extended meeting of his party’s parliamentary faction.

According to him, the genocide was committed in Khojaly: “If the second Article of the UN Convention on the Prevention of Genocide-Related Crimes is rightly interpreted, in this case there will necessarily be confirmation of the genocide committed in Khojaly against Azerbaijanis. International courts which can condemn crimes related to genocide are known. Armenian murderers, together with Russian servicemen, committed one of the terrible genocides of the 20th century. Heartfelt cry of Khojaly is not heard and perpetrators of genocide have not been punished yet. The deprivation of the shelter and the expulsion of a million of our compatriots is a crime.

A fifth of the territories of Azerbaijan are under the occupation of Armenia. For many years, the OSCE Minsk Group has not been engaged in the expected activities. Those who cooperate with the Armenian diaspora are inactive in the Khojaly issue. Those who chant the slogan “We are all Armenians!” are the inspirers of the Khojaly genocide. How will the Western states explain the Khojaly events that took a decision against our country in the matter connected with the events of 1915? What does Holland want to do? Why is this country trying to hide the tortures and violence committed in Srebrenica? They can forget how they came to Istanbul in 16th century and kissed our hands but we did not forget that”.