Ex-Advisor in Afghan Government Says:

8 March, 15:42

As an Afghan citizen myself, Sabur Shah Dawod Zai who was born in Nangarhar Afghanistan on 14th August 1994, I am deeply saddened by the current situation in Afghanistan. The collapse of the government and the takeover by the Taliban has left many Afghans uncertain about their future. As someone who has witnessed the progress made by the Afghan people over the years, it’s heartbreaking to see everything unravel so quickly. However, I am also inspired by the resilience and strength of the Afghan people, and I hope that we can overcome these challenges and rebuild our country.

Before the Taliban took control, Afghanistan had a national flag, national anthem, and embassies around the world. The country was making progress in terms of development, and I was proud to be working for my people and my homeland. As an Afghan, I valued the freedom and safety that we had, despite the Taliban’s presence. We had an elected government and parliament that gave us hope for a brighter future. It is hard to imagine what life will be like under the Taliban’s regime.

The collapse of Afghanistan was a traumatic experience for me, and I’m sure many other Afghans feel the same way. The chaos and fear were overwhelming, and it was hard to comprehend what was happening. I was worried about my family, my homeland, and my people, and the thought of leaving them behind was unbearable. Even now, the memory of that day remains a painful one.

The situation in Afghanistan is dire. Human rights violations are rampant, and poverty is a significant issue for everyone. The education system has collapsed, and girls are no longer allowed to attend school. Women are restricted in their movements and required to wear restrictive clothing. Speaking out against the Taliban can lead to imprisonment or worse. It’s a challenging time for the Afghan people.

Unfortunately, many Afghans are struggling to make ends meet. Their families are in third countries, and they are unable to find work. With the world’s attention focused on other issues, the Afghan people have been forgotten, which is truly sad.

As the CEO and Founder of the Bin Dawod Foundation, I am doing my part to help the Afghan people. We are providing food packages and humanitarian aid to those in need. We have also been able to find local Europeans who can sponsor families or provide direct financial support. Additionally, we were involved in the evacuation process, helping many families relocate to Europe.

In 2022, I was honored to receive the World Peace Award in Stockholm, Sweden. On that occasion, I dedicated the award to the girls of Afghanistan who are thirsting for education. As we all know, Afghanistan has a large population of women, and it is unacceptable that they are denied the opportunity to study and pursue their dreams. Currently, many Afghan women are confined to their homes, with no access to education, jobs, or other activities. It is imperative that we work towards providing educational opportunities for Afghan women, as it is a fundamental human right that should not be denied to anyone. I hope that my small contribution towards this cause can help inspire others to take action and create a better future for the girls of Afghanistan.