U.S. Embassy Donates Meal Care Packages to Honor Its Local Staff

13 December, 15:51

The U.S. Embassy to Azerbaijan partnered with Dalma Public Union to donate meal care packages to those in need in honor of the Embassy’s local staff. American staff donated funds to purchase and deliver food products to impoverished local families and individuals.

In honor of the Embassy’s local staff members Charge d’Affaires Hugo Guevara and a team from the Embassy donated the food boxes to Damla Public Union. This donation supports low-income families, children, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups.

The donation was in recognition of the meaningful and important contributions that our local staff bring to the U.S. Embassy team. This donation is symbolic of our support to civil society and representative of our belief that all people deserve respect and support.

Speaking at the donation CDA Guevara said: “We do this to honor and thank the team for their dedication and support to the Embassy, and to their work linking the people of Azerbaijan to the people of the United States,” adding last year the Embassy planted 335 trees near Baku, one for each of local staff member.
CDA Guevara added, “This is not just about making a food donation. It is about making a difference in others’ lives. This year, as we look at the impacts of war, the rising costs of food and supplies, and the challenges of so many, we are honored to give back in this small way. At the Embassy we welcome everyone and their contributions, regardless of their race, religion, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or any other identity – we value all and respect that diversity brings value to our team.”
Embassy’s partner in this donation, Damla Public Union has been active since 2008 and a legal entity since 2010. The charity works in Baku and 36 regions, helping low-income families, children partially or completely deprived of parental care, people with physical disabilities, lonely elderly people and those who affected from natural disasters. They also collect funds for citizens that seek