Kasparov: Turkey entered the Caucasus after the war


VOICEPRESS reports this was stated in an interview with Obozrevatel website by Harry Kasparov, a Russian opposition politician originally from Baku and a former world chess champion.

“The Armenian-Azerbaijani war was an important geopolitical event in 2020, which in fact led to the abolition of the autonomous region under Armenian control. This has changed the geopolitical balance in the South Caucasus. As a result, it became clear that Russia does not rule here. Now the key player in the South Caucasus is Turkey.

This year has been extremely unfortunate for the Putin regime. The pandemic crisis has created problems around the world. Putin’s Russia is one of the weakest links in this system. If we look at the economic and political structure of the country, we can see how much it has suffered. The development will continue to be negative,” he said.