The Azerbaijan’s MP protests against the Council of Europe


We would like to the readers to learn  Azerbaijan MP Elnur Allahverdiyev’s comment  about the Council of Europe’s attituded:

“How is it may be  explain? Resolution is  named  as the individuals “protection of the rights”, formed negative public mind and  international lynching campaign. 

But  1 million of our inhabitants, who lived in the European countries, were expelled from their  homeland, exposed the ethnic cleansing and genocide. During 30 years they were  deprived of theirs homeland   and the fake organization that committed these crimes like Armenia (in fact, another European country – Armenia) don”t condemned by the Council of Europe. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group condemn the illegal elections, but the organization is  represented by them, the Council of Europe, is  silent.  Mr. President rightly reminds us that in 2001, when the Council of Europe accepted Azerbaijan and Armenia,  made commitments to us. One of these commitments, and the most important  in fact for us is the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh’s conflict.

So both countries have made a commitment to the Council of Europe to be in  peace. The Liabilities monitoring implement an obligation by The Council of Europe. So, it is the direct duty and authority of the rapporteurs to comment on the fraudulent elections. But they keep silent. Bun in fact,  who want to compromise on Karabakh  were killed  and the all political gavernment of the state were killed  at the legislature.

İn the center of the Armenian’s capital was erected and fetishized the statue,  who collaborated with Hitler, with honor were buried world-known Armenian terrorists.   One  million in habitains rights  are   grossly violated and  the organization, does not pay attention to the illegal election.  The documents adopted by the Council of Europe according to the  Azerbaijan  is not more than a sheet of paper. This mind is also underlind by the President of the country. The whole Azerbaijani public see that there is  anti-Azerbaijan mood in the Council of Europe. There is also anti-Azerbaijan tendencies and Azerbaijanophobia in this organization.   I think,  that all the accusations against Azerbaijan are based on Azerbaijanophobia, and we have’t to forget this factor”.

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