Monument erected to Amalia Panahova


A monument has been erected on the grave of the national artist Amalia Panakhova, VOICEPRESS reports.

Note that Amalia Panahova died in November last year at the age of 73 years.

A. Panahova established the Baku Municipal Theater in 1992. From 1964 until the end of her life, she created more than five hundred images in the theater and cinema. The most striking of them were Tomris, Natavan, Burla Hatun, Mehseti, Larisa, Ofelia, Lisa. For 43 years of creative activity, she staged 12 television and theater performances that are stored in the Golden Television Fund. The most famous among them are “Menim Gunahim” by I. Efendiev, “Tekan” by M. Murad, “Sensiz” by M. Gurbanov, “Tomris” by O. Altunbay, “Deli Domrul” by A. Mammadov and others.