She is a leader woman which she has exact position,civil position,social position


“Each one of us are soldiers of our country and we are ready to serve with whole our strength for the future of Azerbaijan”.

Mehriban Aliyeva

Aliyeva Mehriban Arif’s daughter was born in the city of Baku in a educated family on August 26 ,1964. She is a granddaughter of writer, specialist in literature, Honoured Scientist of Azerbaijan,The Doctor of Philology Sciences (1947),professor Mir Jalal Pashayev and notable journalist, pedagogue, Honoured Sciences Nasir Imanguliyev.

Her mother Aida Imanguliyeva was orinetalist, specialist in literature, a critic, translator, The Doctor of Philology Sciences and professor.

In 1982 Mehriban Aliyeva in the city of baku finished the school № 23 with gold medal and she entered to the faculty of treatment-prevention of Moscow State Medical Institute, which named N.Narimanov.

In 1988 she graduated from the 1 st Moscow State Medical Institute with honours diploma, which named I.M.Sechenov and and during the 1988-1992 she worked in Moscow in the Scientific Research Institute of Eye Diseases under the leadership of the academic Krasnov.

She appraises like this the choice of profession in a one of her interview: “Since i have realized ,i don’t have other alternative. My mother was orientalist-scientist. She was at the head of Institute of Oriental Studies of Azerbaijan national Academy of Sciences. But after finishing the school she gave her documents to the Medical Institute, because she wanted very much to be a doctor and as a result she had become philologist. Her unrealized wish defined my choice. and mother of Ilham-doctor -ophthalmologist Ms Zarifa Aliyeva influenced to my profession choice”.

In 1983 Mehriban Aliyeva got married with Ilham Aliyev. Her husband Ilham Aliyev characterizes Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva like this. Of course as every mother, my mother tried to find bride . But when I acquainted with Mehriban, I decided that, I like this girl…

“Of course outward appearance plays great role. But her kindness, which comes from her inner world,and now that it is coming ,may along with her outward appearance attracted more”.

In 1995 she started to the active social activity with creating Azerbaijan Cultural Fund which she heads at the moment.

In 1996 she founded Azerbaijan-Irs magazine for the purpose of extensive propagation of culture of Azerbaijan, translated into three language(Azerbaijan, Russian ,English)

Mehriban Aliyeva explained the purpose of the foundation of Azerbaijan Cultural Fund and Azerbaijan-Irs magazine.

“By founding Azerbaijan Cultural Friends Foundation her main purpose was propagating , showing the Culture of Azerbaijan”.

“That time I founded the Irs magazine.Actually, magazine highlighted the activity of Fund and each issue dedicated to a specific subject was both popular and research material. For example, when we aimed to write from miniatures or architectural monuments, we actually drawn academic scientists, journalists, and artists to cooperation. Fund must carry out enough complicated situations at the magazine.

Along with political and economic changes,the process of escaping from the old ideology is also going on,stereotypes were being destroyed.

At that time, our cultural heritage was revised and returned to the ancient national traditions and roots. ”

From 2004 she has been member of political assembly of New Azerbaijan Party and from 2003 she has been vice-president of Party.

Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, nominated by the New Azerbaijan Party of the second constituency # 14, won in accordance to 92.12 percent (23,106 votes) and 94.49% (31,797 votes),majority has thus been elected as an MP.

In the discussion of the draft resolution “On amnesty dedicated to the memory of national leader Heydar Aliyev,” prepared by Mehriban Aliyeva on May 8, 2007, she said in her speech that, …we must allow those who are wrongdoesrs and have committed a crime to return to freedom, to come together with their families and to find their place in society.

Conveying the truth about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict to the world community, the works carried out for the development of the social sphere, countless humanitarian actions in the country and abroad, the protection of the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people, the successful activity of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation is conected with the name of Mehriban Aliyeva, her genius organizing ability,entrepreneurship, principality and talent.

The events held within the framework of the international campaign “Justice for Khojaly” in many parts of the world provoke loud echo. So that, as aresult of this campaign ,Parliaments of many foreign countries gave legal assessment to the “Khojaly Genocide”.

Mehriban Aliyeva showed herself as a great organizer at holding of “The Eurovision Song Contest”, during the First European Games and IV Islamic Solidarity Games.

The events on this scale have been held first time in our country. So that, according to experts, guests and contest participants, this competition was the best in the history of the festival.

She has accepted serving her people as a main criterion.

The commentator Yevgeny Krishtalyov characterizes Mehriban Aliyeva like this : She is essentially leader woman,she a woman which she has exact position,civil position,social position. She has the aim to bear a load of a first lady position ,she directly participates at the events taking place in the country`s socio and political life as an MP of Parliament of country, the head of Haydar Aliyev Fund, a goodwill ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO.

She carries out these tasks not just for the sake of necessity, not because she is wife of the President of Azerbaijan, she carries out these tasks in a sincere, thoughtful way.

The first lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva was awarded high prizes for her large-scale and selfless activity in a various field by many international organizations and States.Mehriban Aliyeva is godwilling ambassador of UNESCO-ISESCO.

Mrs Mehriban is only person who is goodwilling ambassador of two organization at the same time.

Upon the initiative of her ,mosques,churches,synangogues are being restored in Azerbaijan and abroad. In addition Haydar Aliyev Fund directly took place at the organization of islamic department in the Louvre museum, and at the restoration of Rome catacombs.

The general manager of ISESCO, Dr Abdulaziz Bin Osman Al Tuveyjri noted that, she shows true face of Azerbaijan to the whole world as a modern, tolerant and constructive country. “I think that, the first lady of Azerbaijan is important lady , which deserves the respect and admiration”.

4 day war broke out while preventing the provocation of Armenians in the front line of Armenian troops on April 2016. This time Azerbaijan Army Unit lost their brave, hero sons. On behalf of the President of the Haydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva has been given funeral repost to the spirit of soldiers who were martyr.

By coming to the Heydar Mosque met with family members and relatives of the soldiers who were killed and wounded heroically for the homeland as a result of the violation of ceasefire by the enemy on the front line of the troops.

Mehriban Aliyeva has asked from God for mercy who died and the recovery who were wounded as a result of the recent provocations by Armenian military forces against Azerbaijan. She could not keep her tears while supporting the mothers of martyrs. Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva stressed that she was always interested in the Azerbaijani women, especially the mothers of martyrs.

Mehriban Aliyeva is also a reliable partner of the President. Namely for this purpose Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva has been honoured with the title vice-president by the president.

The decision on my appointment as a first vice-president was the personal initiative of the president of Azerbaijan.

In spite of bearing a social load, busy work and multifaceted activity, she is a careful child,wife,mother and grandmother.

As a VOICEPRESS Information Bureau staff we congratulate Mehriban Aliyeva on the occasion of her birthday and join the numerous wishes and gratitudes that come to her address.