Nasib Mahamaliyev: “Some people say Turks were more hostile against Azerbaijanis than Armenians ” it´s awful.



Nasib Mahamaliyev: “Some  people say Turks were more hostile against Azerbaijanis than Armenians ” it´s awful. The next exclusive interview of VOİCEPRESS.AZ Bureau of International Information is MP, member of Parliament's Committee on International and Inter-Parliamentary Relations, Nasib Mahamaliyev:

-We would like to know your opinion on the situation in the frontline. How do you think is this repetition of the next April battles or the beginning of great war?

-Primarily, note that how long ancient Azerbaijan territories has been occupied, Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions are not liberated by Armenian armed forces, probability of war is always high. Moreover, as a person observing these events for many years, in my opinion every year Armenians nationwide “so-called Armenian genocide”disease become worse. Therefore, they try to commit numerous provocations in the frontline. However, our army prevent all of these diversions on time and gave an adequate response to the enemy. Concretely if we look at last year’s aprel battles Supreme Comander of armed forces under the leadership of president Ilham Aliyev have dealth a crushing blow to the armed forces of enemy, they still can’t come to themselves. Just after april battles independent organizations even enemy were forced to admit how strong is our army compared with enemy.

The myth of “Strong armenian army”disintegrated. Under the guidance of the enemy army happened imprisonments and resegnations. In the Armenian society took place much divisions and this process is still continuing.The issue on the starting of great war is a bit complicated. OSCE is engaged in on the regulation of conflict for many years.It is not secret that there are interest of many political elements and great powers in the region. If we pay attention to the analogical processes in the region we will see what challenges state faces while taking wrong steps .Therefore I think that Mr President know these processes very accurately and under the leadership of him our lands will be liberated.

-How compatible do you think the unexpected step taken by Kyrgyzstan at the 13th Islamabad Congress was with conventions of the Union of Turkic States?

-At the Islamabad Congress the step which was taken by Kyrgyzstan is not logical.Neither political nor economical.It shows that State hasn´t concret foreign political strategy.The Union of Turkic States is acting in a way that is in sharp contrast with it´s own conventions .At this point lack of self-awareness poses a new problem.Nevertheless,we need to work with the entire Turkic world including Kyrgyzstan.Poland political commentator Jacob Kareyba claims that ,Russia should make its own choice between Armenia and Azerbaijan sooner or later.According to you it hasn´t made it´s own choice?I haven’t heard the thoughts of that political commentator which mentioned. In addition to Russia being our neighbour it is leading political figures.It has the well-established Caucasus policy and it carries out this policy in stage.I don’t think Russia will be forced to make a choice between Azerbaijan and Armenia.Because both cases are not in Russia’s interest However, it would be more appropriate if Russia contributes to Azerbaijan’s UN-recognized borders being restored in line with the norms of international law, which would possible bring about peace. This would benefit all the parties.

-“Azerbaijan is the important strategic partner of Russia and many of the key positions of both countries overlap”. Minister for foreign affairs of Russia
Federation Sergey Lavrov has said these words.According to your condradictory statements of Lavrov,is it seen as a avoidance from making choice by Russia between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

-It is true that ,Azerbaijan is the important and strategic ally of Russia. According to it's geographical position, economical potential and being a great state in the region, it naturally has many problems which necessitates the need of collaboration between both countries.Between both countries,the high form attitudes have been established and it is very good state.When it comes to the choice stage, as I said before Moscow has not like this necessity.I think that there is a need to approach events more objectively.

- By the way, it is interesting to know your thoughts about the visit of the president to Iran, and the meeting of ministers for foreign affairs met by chance at the same time. Do you think will it influence the tension in the front region?

- I consider the visit of the President to Iran very important from the standpoint of bilateral attitudes.Developing strong ties with Iran is necessary for both countries including for region. Related to holding the meeting of ministers for foreign affairs, almost at the same time in both cases, problems are being discussed which disturb Azerbaijan and the region.I don’t think the meetings can cause tension at the front.

-What kind of radical changes are expected on the program of State leader?

On the 06 december in 2016 Republic president has issued a decree about strategic road mapping which is on the point of Azerbaijan Republic National Economy perspective.This is great document which encompasses all the fields of society. I believe that all factual steps will be taken about the execution of this
strategy.Taking extra steps will be carried out by president according to time and process.

-On what kind of changes expected to the law on labour pensions, it indicates that they can get pension only 12 years after the age of retirement. İf pension aborted after human passing away why then is there a need for such a bill?

-“Ammendments to the law on labour pensions” adopted in todays plenary session of National Assembly.Naturally related to this law can be certain divergence on society and it´s normal. Taking into account the increasing average age, reforms are carried out in regards to guaranteeing pension.

-Will the pension age concern MP or Senior officials?If it is not related to them why then “which professions cover the retirement age have not been approved on draft law”?

It has been taken lawful consideration to increase the retirement age of women and men to 65.

-The appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva as a first vice-president of the country is considered to be the first woman in a high position in the modern history of
Azerbaijan. How do you think this tendency along with ptotecting gender with the which successful contribution will be remembered?

-The appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva as a vice-president made people happy.Mehriban Aliyeva has won this confidence with the multifaceted activities which she carried out for long years.At the same time as the closest associate of Mr President she took part in many creative works and directly led the many international scale events that were held in country that were went down history. All of this show her potential as a stateswoman.I believe that she will use maximum of this potential for the development of our Republic and she will do her best.

-In your opinion is it right to pretend that “We are not Turkish ”over the nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev’s word “One nation, two states?

-Regarding the problem recently wide spreading on the media outlets, I want to quote that the exact form of this Haydar Aliyev said by one formula “one
nation, two states” any expression other from it is unacceptable.
Concretely some people say turks were more hostile against Azerbaijan than Armenians it is awful. The phrase, the thought itself is tragedy.

Ulkar Mirzayeva