‘Azerbaijan-Russia friendship and cooperation model turning into more reliable guarantee for regional peace’

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‘Azerbaijan-Russia friendship and cooperation model turning into more reliable guarantee for regional peace’
Guliyev stressed that the recent visit of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to Russia,

various documents signed during the visit are noteworthy from the point of view of enriching cooperation between the two countries.

"The strategic partnership of our countries has been already rich and exemplary in the context of bilateral strategic partnership in our region,” he added. “However, numerous agreements of President Aliyev with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Sochi will further give the ground for talking about even more multilateral cooperation."

Guliyev added that the recently signed agreements, covering economic, social, trade, transport, infrastructure, banking, engineering and other spheres, testify to big prospects of activity.

"It is enough to list these documents to see the forthcoming huge work of two countries,” he added. “The implementation of these agreements will raise the cooperation of the two countries to a level that has no analog in the CIS area and in some cases even exceeding the relations of strategic allies.”

“Indeed, a map of the effective cooperation for several decades was outlined,” he said. “The reached agreements are significant from another point of view. Thus, a new level of growing

relations between the presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia will be another example for demonstrating that the model of personal relations in the CIS area is above any problems.”

The editor-in-chief added that the Azerbaijan-Russia friendship and cooperation model is becoming a more reliable guarantee for the regional peace.

"Presently, the Azerbaijan-Russia tandem with even stronger basis is becoming one of the main vectors of security in the Caucasus and the entire CIS area," Guliyev said.

During the recent visit of President Aliyev to Russia, 15 documents on the cooperation in various fields were signed between the two countries.