Istanbul police resume operations against drug dealers

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Istanbul police resume operations against drug dealers VOİCEPRESS.AZ- Istanbul police have resumed operations against drug dealers, the city police said in a statement Oct. 12.

The operations against drug dealers have started at 06:00 (GMT +3).

There are detainees whose names are not disclosed.

The minimum age of Turkish citizens who started using drugs is 13 years old, the average age – 36 years old, the maximum age - 65 years old.

Thus, 2.9 percent of the country's population account for drug addicts aged 15-24, 2.8 percent - those aged 25-44, 2.3 percent - drug addicts aged 45-64.

Some 23,738 people or 18 percent of the total number of people arrested in the country in 2016 accounted for drug dealers.

More than 300,000 people have been detained in Istanbul for using and selling drugs over the past four years.