General Coordinator: “SAM PATIENT SERVICES” – has been distinguished by its talented, creative and friendly team for many years in the field of healthcare “


“SAM PATIENT SERVICES” – works in Turkey with the most professional and experienced doctors in an organized manner. For patients who prefer treatment in Turkey, SAM PATIENT SERVICES suggest the most advanced medical centers in the country within the framework of medical tourism. In order to receive the best and safe medical care, VOİCEPRESS provides an interview about the activities and important services of the campaign, which serves foreign patients. And so, we present an interview with the general coordinator of SAM PATIENT SERVICES company Gamze Bisher:

– A lot of patients leave for  Turkey from abroad. Unfortunately, there are repeated cases when maintenance and treatment are in line with their expectations. Either patients turn to the wrong doctor, or receive the wrong treatment. And that is why, they lose not only their health, but also money. To prevent the foregoing and protect the interests of foreign patients, team work and compact work are needed. This is the main factor in health tourism. As you know, “SAM PATIENT SERVICES” has already achieved great success in this sector. Madam Gamze, we would like to know your opinion on this issue …

-“SAM PATIENT SERVICES” is a work in Turkey in an organized manner with the most professional and experienced doctors as the  health tourism’ agency. This team  guarantees the treatment of patients, who prefer to use medical tourism serviceses  in the country”s  most modern health centers. Our aim is not only to succeed in this area. Our business’s  main aim  is also to provide better services to foreign patients. Unfortunately, sometimes patients seachıng solutions to problems in a foreign country may not be faced with what they expected. “SAM PATIENT SERVICES” campaign is individually interested in every foreign patient who is looking for treatment in Turkey. SAM PATIENT SERVICES is committed to meet  foreign patients’s  expectations in Turkey, by experienced, friendly and patient staff. And so, justifying of all  foreign patients  high expectations as if a “foreign passport” is an important factor during there travıllıng .

– I wonder what can you tell about you work? Tell us about it please.  For example,  what do you do in this way?

-Patients are contacting us with their complains and the diagnosi’s  results.  At the same time, our medical consultant passes complaints and the diagnosi’s results  to specialists. Doctors inform the team of the entire treatment process. Our team provides information on the general prices of services to patients.  VIP-hotels resevation  is also made and  its chosen by patients.  The patiens are also meet  at the airport  by  the team  and the patiens are also taken  to the  hotel or hospital. Depending on  this situation, we also transport our patients  to the hospital by ambulance. Our consultant provides patients with a mobile phone so that they can communicate in our country without problems. After completion of the procedure, patients receiving the necessary treatment remain satisfied. Our campaign also escorts patients to the airport.

– Unfortunately, when we talk, Turkey’s health tourism,  most people think only about clinical services. Besides  you really don’t apply only  clinical services?

– When we talk about health tourism, we should firstly consider two large the  sectors at the same time. The healthcare and tourism sectors are two different sphears. Health tourism, consist of  two concepts: relaxation and treatment. – Actually, this is a very wide  thiem. First of all, our patients turn to us for operations on obesity, metabolic surgery (diabetic surgery), dental health (implant, dental surgery, dental aesthetics), aesthetic surgery, laser eye surgery, lens replacement. They turn to us also for other medical services. Sometimes patients prefer natural therapy or simply to alternative treatment. Our main major task is to show our patients  Turkish hospitality. That is why we serve not only those who come for treatment, but  also our visites who come rest.

– Which countries are among the top three countries which  use your servise?

– This changes are  depending on the season. Now a days  the top three countries are  demanded from European countries, England, Ireland and Germany. Turkey is land  of tourism and leisure for patients, as they prefer to  visit during  summer monthses  for treatment.

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