Ex-MP “There is no remain ground for continuing the negotiations….”


Havva Mammadova: If the representation of Turkey is not being provided in OSCE Minsk Group,there is no ground for continuing the negotiation at the OSCE level.

“Zahra’s murder is not first little Azerbaijani baby that Armenians separatists assassinated”.

Next exclusive interviewer of VOICEPRESS is ex-MP,the doctor of history sciences,the professor of history departament of the Public Administration Academy,Mrs Havva Mammadova.

Mrs Havva,innocent people are being targeting by Armenians again.Our toddlers are being assasinated.How long it will continue?Enough for our victims.

-The two-years old baby’s untimely passing is not only Zahra’s mother sorrow but also it is all mothers’ sorrow.The murder of Zahra shows Armenian vandalism doesn’t pitty to the elderly, women,toddlers and the world community must equivocally realize that.Armenia plays very dirty game.Armenia continues to carry out obviously kind of us ethnic cleansing.

Armenia doesn’t hand off from the occupations principles.The murder of Zahra is not first little baby which Armenian separatist assassinated.The 10 years old Fariz Badalov was brutally killed by Armenia on july 2011.The tragically murder of 13 years old Shahmaliyeva Aygun Ziredin’s daughter in Tovuz region of Azerbaijan by Armenians proves that, Armenians periodically target innocent people.At that time Armenians bombed a family with an explosives device.This is not the end yet.

I remembered that,in 1994 in the village Elibeyli of Tovuz region which borders Armenia took place analogical event.So that as a result of explosion two children were killed and one wounded while taking a toy from the river which Armenians left.Is it not terror which commited in the name of humanity?World community shouldn’t remain indifferent to this problem.

Today, a day that while the peace talks continue that the OSCE Minsk group manage jointly the massacre of the little child by Armenians and their double standards have lowed that organization’s profile . OSCE Minsk Group demonstrated his inactivity.
Even to avoid from giving reaction to the occurred events is the moment which causes to anger.

I consider that we should demonstrate our unity and we should demand from the world community the rights of all our babies in the face of Zahra which were killed by Armenians.

-Armenian editions says that ,as if Azerbaijani soldiers fired at their own innocent population. You knew at the top with the years and dates Azerbaijani children were periodically killed by Armenian separatists.Doesn’t these groundless accustations prove that Armenians don’t accept their disgusting games?

-You know,Armenians didn’t stand behind the action which they commited.We have got accustomed to it.It is real demonstrations of their personalities.Many times foreign journalists wrote that they tell a lie.An English journalist has written what he has seen with his eyes.According to his words Armenians tortured an Armenian corpse and said that this action have been committed by Azerbaijanis and tried to persuade the world community of these lies .But the fact is that every day there is shouting in the front line,innocent people are shot down,civilians are killed.World community, international circles turn a blind eye to this.The sanctions should be pursued against Armenia.The voice of the state subjected to the aggression finally must be heard!The world should be announced!

-After all this,is there a ground to sit at the negotiating table at the moment when we are facing with the example of the Armenian vandalism once more?After this time how realistic can the words “negotiating table” or “OSCE Minsk Group” be?

-The war has not ended .Everytime Azerbaijani people have supported Peace.But if no action is taken by the world community against state that claims to carry out ethnic cleansing ,those who don’t want peace,don’t abstain from the act of aggression and the policy of occupation,if no sanctions is being pursued there is no ground for going behind the table and continuing negotiations.Turkey representative must also represented between OSCE’s co-chairmen.Because each of the co-chairing states has an Armenian lobby,and it has absolute impact.There is no ground to continue the negotiations at the OSCE level.

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